Why get a builder involved first?

Why get a builder involved first?

1. Expert Assistance

Getting expert assistance in the early planning stages is a definite advantage. Experienced builders and building designers will work with you to explore designs that fit your block of land/existing home, lifestyle and budget.

They will also advise you on the level of design assistance you might need, before you can get a firm cost estimate and the work can get underway.

Expert assistance and advice from a builder in the design stages will, in most cases, allow the planning stage to run smoother, and will avoid multiple revisions of plans. A builder knows how much things cost, and so if the client has suggestions, but the builder is aware of the budget, they can provide alternate ideas to ensure the budget remains however the home being designed still includes everything the client needs and wants.

The more planning, the smoother the build process will be. Especially in the Blue Mountains, as there are BAL (bush fire attack level) Ratings to consider, the environmental impact and surroundings, including termites, flora and fauna and effluent waste disposal, and topography, for example, a sloped block with rock foundation.