• Energy efficient homes in the Blue Mountains use less energy and reduce the carbon footprint which means lower power bills. If you design an energy efficient home look at t

  • There were some high level speakers at the Passivhaus conference in Sydney on 4 & 5 May 2023. Passivhaus buildings use 80-90% less energy. Introba and the Victorian gov

  • Biophilic Design for a Healthy House: Bringing nature into the space for better health The biophilic design philosophy is derived from an inherent need for humans to connec

  • Background and Benefits of a Passive House – Passivhaus buildings consume 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. The average temperature ins

  • The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable House explores the latest trends and techniques for sustainable homes that are energy-efficient, minimise its impact on the environment,

  • Looking at how to save some money with rising interest rates? …. more energy-efficient homes in the Blue Mountains & Western Sydney may soon be here 🕺💃. The more

  • Building on a slope – Things to consider if you’re building on a slope and you’re an owner, architect, building designer or someone looking to purchase land with a sl

  • CSIRO said these Bushfire Steps are easy, cheap and could save your home in a Bushfire “Flying embers, not roaring flames, pose the biggest threat to losing your home

  • Buying land and building a home in the Blue Mountains & Western Sydney Buying land and building a home can be exciting and tricky (if you don’t look out for some

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