Which 6 Star+ Home Is Right For You?

Which 6 Star+ Home Is Right For You?

High performance and efficient custom homes

Imagine… Unprecedented comfort tailored exactly to your design style. Enjoy controlled temperature and humidity levels all year round ignoring what the outside weather is doing. A healthy indoor environment free of dust, mould and draughts, extremely low energy consumption while reducing harmful effects on the environment, are all possible with beautifully custom design

Premium 6 Star+ Homes

Building codes have slowly been improving with the introduction of the “Star” Ratings. Due to the lack of verification measures not required by the code, unfortunately has been found that homes that were supposed to perform at “6 star level” are only performing at half that amount, people are not actually getting what they are paying for. The result is the mold epidemic in most cities, under performing, too hot, too cold and continue to be energy guzzlers. Split Building has introduced (Premium 6 Star +) building specification that is already above” the minimum standard requirements”, regardless of design and building budget. 

We don’t compromise in our standards.

High Performance Home

As the name suggests, High Performance Homes perform better, use up to less than 60% energy compared to the conventional “standard“, are healthier for its occupants, have fresh filtered clean air, remain super comfortable all year round, and can be more affordable than you think. We apply similar design-build techniques and technology used in a “PassivHaus“ without the rigorous certification. If price is more important than official certification, the H4 High Performance Home provides outstanding energy efficiency, health and year-round comfort comparable to a passive -certified home.

Certified Passive Home “Passivhaus”.

A passive certified home, uses The International Passive House Standard, homes must meet a set of verifiable criteria set by the PassivHaus Institute (PHI). PassivHaus certification’s main benefit is the rigorous quality assurance and performance tests the home is required to meet. From design details, all the way through to airtightness, tests are conducted both during and after construction. PassivHaus certification is achieved by a third-party verification to keep Designers and Builders accountable. Here at H4 we hope that Australia will make this building standard compulsory. Split Building encourages PassivHaus certification, the additional cost is your guarantee that you have the best building standard in the world.

What is a “PassivHaus” Passive Home?

Passivhaus is a concept developed in Germany that is being adopted and proven worldwide. Passive homes have a goal of increasing a building’s energy efficiency and reducing its ecological footprint. Buildings constructed to “PassivHaus” standard are ultra-low energy buildings: they use very little energy for heating or cooling and are extremely comfortable and healthy to live in. A passive certified home, uses The International Passive House Standard, homes must meet a set of verifiable criteria set by the PassivHaus Institute (PHI).

How is this achieved?

5 KEY ELEMENTS that have been identified regardless of home design / budget / climate zone, in order to produce the world’s best building & living standard. 

  1. Quality Glazing 
  2. Thermal Efficiency 
  3. Air Tightness 
  4. Continuous Insulation 
  5. Ventilation 

Split Building PTY LTD then uses Design-Building software and testing procedures before and during construction, ensuring our clients peace of mind that their homes will perform as designed.